Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kaniesha's Top Ten Tuesday #2: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make Her NOT Pick up a Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme created and hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week's top ten tuesday is regarding the top ten words/topics that will make me not pick up a book.

My list and reasons are going to be quite short but I enjoy getting to the point of things. (Though in all honesty, I waited for other people to put up their TTTs for ideas. I didn't realize how many things I didn't like). (Or how much other people didn't like these things either).

1. Erotica
No interest.
2. Zombies
I don't understand the hype about zombies either, though I have yet to give it a chance.
3. Religion
No interest in fictional stories heavily related to religion.
4. Abuse
No interest.
5. Thriller/Horror
Same thing I said about zombies.
6. Dystopia
I feel like I read a lot of dystopian books but the word puts me off for some reason. I think there's way too much dystopia going on right now.
7. Contemporary
I have read a handful of contemporary books and I love them but I generally avoid the genre.
8. "Bad boy"
Please. This guy usually turns out to be cute, writes poetry and carries around an acoustic guitar. (Not literally but you get the idea).
9. "Power of love"
This phrase in synopses sounds way too sugary and I get a stomachache thinking about it.
10. Urban Fantasy
I read two really awful books in this genre so I'm put off by it entirely. (I suppose that's unfair but I'm not really bothered).
Bonus! 11., which is related to 9, anything with love/romance as the main plot line.

Like I said before, my list is rather short and now all that surprising. I'm sure there are more things I don't like, but we'll say about that later! (Also I'm going to say that I connect with this post on a spiritual level).


  1. "Power of love" literally makes me want to puke. And I totally agree on the "Bad boy" ugh it makes me roll my eyes so much... great list!

    1. Right?! The bad boy concept is so over done and not even relevant. Thank you!

  2. Boy boy is the worst! And they usually are these super deep and poetic people, I guess so the author can make it like the girl likes the boy for more than his looks and his attitude? But it's just so unappealing to me.

  3. Yeah, religion books aren't really my thing. ):
    LOL, and yeah. Can the "power of love" save the world? :P
    Great list! ;D

    My TTT