Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to Deux Lectrices

Welcome to Deux Lectrices, a book blog run by Kan and Heather.  We've decided to begin this blog because we're both very passionate about books and would love to share.  Both of us have been reviewing books on separate blogs, but we're actually posting here to not only voice our opinions and feelings about books, but to hopefully get better about reviews.

We both have a different style to our reviews and not everything you see us reading in our widgets will be reviewed.  Mostly books we feel strongly about either way about or would like to recommend will be reviewed.  We also hope, in time, to be able to host giveaways and take requests for reviews.  We will be participating in various theme posts found on other book blogs.

You can find what either of us are reading at any given time in the GoodReads widgets at the bottom of the page, along with our respective favorites shelves which will give you a feel for the types of books we like.  However not everything that shows up in our currently reading widget will get reviewed here.

Our reviews aren't meant to discourage you from reading or checking out a book and we will always provide a link to buy the books.  It should also be noted that the reviews posted here are our opinions only.  It is perfectly fine for you to disagree, but out of line to attack us.

We'd also like to state that we do not receive any money for our reviews.  We're doing this because we love talking about the books we read and our feelings on them.  If anything, our reviews should be seen as free promo for the authors and books that are being discussed here.  We also are not Amazon Affiliates, so if you click on and buy any of the books we've linked through Amazon we do not receive a portion of that sale.  We are really only doing this for the love of books.

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