Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 13: Share a Blogger Horror Story

Parajunkee created a New Year's Challenge for 2014. Deux Lectrices will participate! We realize we were supposed to start almost two weeks ago but life is hectic and we're doing this a bit late.

Day 13: Share a Blogger Horror Story.


Not posting enough! XD But seriously, I think Blogger ate one of my monthly wrap up posts and I was panicking for a week afterwards thinking it might eat others.


I don't think I have any! Or maybe it was when we first started and our name had incorrect French grammar and we were scrambling for an hour or two trying to fix it (by then I'd already made us 4~5 accounts to branch out properly) and I was afraid we wouldn't be able to change everything!

Anyone else have intense blogger moments?

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