Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 2: Your Pros & Cons of Blogging

Parajunkee created a New Year's Challenge for 2014. Deux Lectrices will participate! We realize we were supposed to start almost two weeks ago but life is hectic and we're doing this a bit late.

Day 2: Your Pros & Cons of Blogging


- Pros: Getting to share thoughts about books and knowing that people are (possibly) reading. I don't get to talk to people too much about books.
- Cons: I'm scatterbrained and real life will kick my butt occasionally making it hard for me to be a regular blogger. =[ I feel bad but I am sincerely hoping to get on top of things this year.


- Pros: Keeping up with book releases is at the top of my list. I constantly get to see which books are being talked about the most and when arcs are going out and the like. I also get to see what's being liked and disliked by the majority pretty quickly too.
- Cons: Feeling like I need to keep up with the book bloggers that blog and tweet about books every day. It makes me feel a bit like a failure but books are not at the top of my interest list so I try to shrug it off.

Anyone have the same pros and cons?

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