Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 7: Top Ten Blogger Pet Peeves

Parajunkee created a New Year's Challenge for 2014. Deux Lectrices will participate! We realize we were supposed to start almost two weeks ago but life is hectic and we're doing this a bit late.

Day 7: Top Ten Blogger Pet Peeves.


  • Not being able to do things on time!
  • Having reviews written up, but doubting myself on them.
  • Hitting reading slumps.
  • Hitting reviewing slumps.
  • Wanting to review a book that others have reviewed (because I feel like I can't say anything as good as anyone else has)
  • Thinking that my content isn't interesting when I should just shut up and post
  • Worrying too much about people flaming me for a bad review (again, I shouldn't worry)
  • Leaving Kan to pretty much manage things on her own when I really shouldn't be doing that
  • Trying to find my reviewing voice
  • Writing reviews for books I didn't like, but didn't hate (that's SO hard for me!)


  • Mass follower tweeters. You know, the ones who follow thousands and expect follow backs?
  • Forgetting to keep the blog active.
  • Looking for new and interesting content and not being able to find anything.
  • Trying to create new or interesting content and not being able to do so.
  • Being afraid that my reviews aren't good enough or interesting enough for people to want to read them.
Do you have any blogger pet peeves? Feel free to share them with us!

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