Monday, March 17, 2014

Kaniesha Reviews: The Seers ARC by Julianna Scott

Title: The Seers
Series: Holders #2
Author: Julianna Scott
Release date: February 4, 2014
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Genres: fantasy, supernatural, romance
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After nearly being drained of her ability and betrayed by a man her father trusted, Becca Ingle was left with one clue — Ciaran Shea. He holds the key to the downfall of the power-mad Holder, Darragh, and can ensure the safety of both Holder and Human kind alike... but is he willing to help?

Becca, Alex, Jocelyn, and Cormac set out for Adare Manor to meet with the Bhunaidh, an aristocratic group of pure blooded Holders of whom Ciaran is a rumored member. However, when Becca discovers that they might not be the only ones after the information Ciaran has, everyone begins to wonder if Bhunaidh might not be as uninvolved with Darragh as they claim.

A race to uncover Ciaran’s secrets begins, where the line between friend and foe is blurred, and everyone seems to have their own agenda. Becca will have to call on every ability at her disposal to uncover the truth, all the while knowing that sometimes the answer is more dangerous than the question.

Review: I received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review!

I'm trying really hard not to fangirl spazz/flail but this book. This one is even better than the first and that's incredible because I just fell in love with everything. But this.. this takes it even farther and beyond! Wow!

Though, I'm going to reverse for a second to the first half of the book. Why is it I've been having issues starting books lately? Is it the books or is it me? Who knows? But with The Seers, I had a hard time focusing on it at first because Becca. I love her, I really do, she reminds me a lot of myself but she talks so much. It's not even really talking because a majority of this is inner dialogue but it's so much! She is never quiet! That's probably the biggest problem and another relation to me - I also never shut up when given the opportunity to talk. I'm probably obsessed with the sound of my own voice. Is Becca also? It's possible. And actually very likely.

If you can get past opinionated girls who do ask good questions when you really do think about it, this book( and Becca) is/are for you. She's brilliant, cunning and strong. She's starting to become my second favorite heroine! I really can't wait to see what she gets herself up to in the next book.

Seriously, Becca's behavior is really my only problem with this story, she flies off into rants and rampages pretty often. A lot of the time I was just thinking "Oh my god, calm down".

I just really, really loved this. So much I started screaming at the author on twitter. (Note: if this link doesn't work when you try to go to it, I probably changed my username, feel free to ask for it!)

Prepare yourself for a lot of emotional ups and downs because there are plenty. There's way too much going on for me to cover in this review without spoilers but just trust me and read this if magic and romance are your thing. These books are perfect!

Rating: 5/5 stars

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  1. I'm so glad that you loved this follow up book even more Kaniesha, I've not yet started this series yet, but I think you've convinced me that this series has a lot going for it. Thanks for putting it on my radar!