Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kaniesha Turns 21!

I actually didn't check with Heather for permission on this one but I don't think she'll mind. Jump under the cut for the full post! (Spazzy personal post warning)!

Today's my birthday!!!! Normally, people turning 21 would go out and do fun things. However, that's not really in my cards, unfortunately. But! I'm still going to have fun in the ways I can: spazzing, reading, eating, etc. As I write this post, I have cookies in the oven and am blasting my "happy" playlist!

Featured songs from said playlist:
1. History - Dreamer
2. VIXX - You're Mine
3. Puretty - Cheki Love
4. Touch - Walk With Me
5. Dalmatian - Round 1
6. Seungwoo - You and I
7. A-Prince - Hello
8. TimeZ - Hurray for Idols
9. Secret - Shy Boy
10. Block B - Tell Them

Do all of those links look bizarre and oddly frightening? I promise it's not scary! They are all Korean songs. I listen to Korean songs more than I listen to anything else. Actually it's what I listened to at all up until last year when I decided to branch back out into American/English music! And then it only got as far as Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Max Schneider and One Direction... oh well! (I like my boybands and girl groups you can't take them away from meeeee).

Reading! I'm currently reading a large handful of books including Siege and Storm which I decided to pick up from my bookshelf yesterday on a whim. I've been trying really hard to keep up with the arcs I was approved on Netgalley but with my attention span the way it is, I just haven't been enjoying reading. If I am only capable of reading 5-6 books a month, why do I want to limit it to things I don't really want to read? I'm really glad I've finally gotten to meet Sturmhond! Now I know what people are talking about. I like this guy!

As for other interests, I did watch FMA (the normal one, not FMA:B) for a couple hours this morning. I'm up to episode 31/32 after stopping for a day after episode 25. That episode was too much for me! I don't want to talk about it. Let's pretend it didn't happen. Like Allegiant.

Hm, other than that, not much else going on today. Just a normal Thursday! I hope you all (and myself) have a great day today!! (Also this does more or less call off my part of the hiatus, I think I'll have a couple new reviews up within the next week)!


  1. Working my way through that playlist Right Now. Happy birthday! I don't actually know how old I am this year. I'll have to ask someone.

    ★ Under The Mountain ★

    1. I hope you enjoy the songs! Haha! I think from here on out I'll pretend to be 21 forever. I wonder how long I can get away with it.