Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wired Weekends: Our 100th post

So, hello hello!  Welcome to a special Saturday edition post!  This is something new we've wanted to try out for a little while as a "get to know the bloggers" thing, and will just tell you a little about our lives, what we're into at the moment.  This will cover a wide range of topics from music to television shows to what books we're reading or even if we went for walks!


Heather has been reading up a storm since she set her Goodreads goal, but upon finishing Steelheart, she's taken the reading slow to enjoy Terry Pratchett's The Carpet People better.  Likewise she has been reading the (kindle freebie) Just William.

Music-wise Heather has been enjoying Caravan Palace's two albums (enjoy a few of my favorite songs by them: Suzy, Jolie Coquine, and Brotherswing.  Such a shame there's not more!) and Freak My Zone's Raven's Beat.  She's also been listening to Clazziquai's discography as well (some of my favorites from them:  Dance, Fill This Night, Tell Yourself).

Heather is part of the way through season three of Ugly Betty on Netflix.  She marathoned the first two seasons, ugly crying where appropriate, and then decided to take a break to focus on reading more.  She's also been checking out the show Broad City on Hulu.

It is way too pollen-y where Heather lives to go outside, and since her allergies are bad, she spends a lot of time being a recluse and trying her best to avoid opening her window, even when it's absurdly hot in the house.  She's been making fruit smoothies to combat the heat though, delicious strawberry and banana ones.


Kaniesha Time! Kaniesha went on a ~drive~ with her grandma on Saturday and convinced her to let her take her dog, Jojo, along. They ended up parking near the Rappahannock River and hanging around near a walking trail. Kaniesha took a lot of photos and held her dog back from attacking strangers!

Book wise, Kaniesha is a mess. She's currently reading five random books, she couldn't really name them if you asked her. (But she's going to try). All Our Yesterdays, Dollhouse, The Lost Sun, Lady Thief..... and... Poison Study! (I got them all!) Speaking of books, before they went to the river, they stopped by the library and Kaniesha picked up her holds and did a little bit of browsing for her grandma. Her grandma is really into mysteries/mystery thrillers and Kaniesha doesn't read anything in that genre so she can't recommend any! She picked up Gemini, The Cuckoo's Calling, Night Film, American Gods and something else. (Admittedly she picked a few up for herself to read too). She maybe has around 20 books checked out now. Woops. (heather's note: TCC, NF, and AG ROCK!)
(kaniesha's note: don't erase these notes!)

Music wise, Kaniesha has just been listening to BTS all the time. She's in love with a certain rap triptych by those certain losers. Not much else. She's been spending her time playing Skyrim still! And she started playing Dragon Age again and made a new character called BagofSalad. He's cute. Why is his name BagofSalad, you're asking? Why can't his name be BagofSalad? Think outside the box! (Actually I would've given him a Korean name but a friend on twitter suggested Bag of Salad). Kaniesha has been thinking names are weird lately. Kaniesha? Is that a real name?

On Sunday, Kaniesha went to Walmart and got some new things including brand new pillows she is very excited about it. She's never had new pillows before!

On to the blog news: 100 posts! This will be our 100th published post! I can't believe it! This feels like a real thing! We should have way more than 100 posts but I think we're doing fine. Still trying to find our book blogging flow, hahaha. Make sure you follow us on twitter and tumblr! We tweet and reblog more than we post here! (Though we should have a regular posting pattern by the end of 2014, hopefully).

Kaniesha asks: What's the best thing to happen in your life this weekend? Can you believe we've hit 100 published posts already?!

Heather says:  I can't believe it's honestly been 100!  It doesn't feel like it, but here's to (hopefully) many more posts.  Who knew when we started this last year we'd hit 100 so soon!

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