Monday, September 1, 2014

Combined Post: September 2014 Releases

As of August 2014, Kaniesha and Heather will be posting their most anticipated to-be-released books of the month instead of individual WoWs every week.


I'm looking forward to a LOT of September releases! I preordered Heir of Fire, I've read Afterworlds, and I've got arcs for Illusions of Fate, The Perilous Sea and Sacrifice so I'll be getting to those soon as well :D


Once again I only have four!  And two of those nobody is surprised to see!  However, it looks like I'll be waiting a month to get my hands on Dragons at Crumbling Castle since there's a deluxe version coming out next month (so... yeah, it'll probably be in the October post as well XD).  I've been really excited to get my hands on The Brothers Cabal since I heard about it.  That summary?  I'm basically shaking in anticipation!

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