Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kaniesha Reviews: The Rose Master by Valentina Cano

Title: The Rose Master
Series: Stand-Alone
Author: Valentina Cano
Release date: June 2014
Publisher: REUTS Publications, LLC
Genres: fantasy, magic, gothic
The day Anne Tinning turns seventeen, birds fall from the sky. But that's hardly the most upsetting news. She's being dismissed from the home she's served at since she was a child, and shipped off to become the newly hired parlor maid for a place she's never heard of. And when she sees the run-down, isolated house, she instantly knows why:

There's something wrong with Rosewood Manor.

Staffed with only three other servants, all gripped by icy silence and inexplicable bruises, and inhabited by a young master who is as cold as the place itself, the house is shrouded in neglect and thick with fear. Her questions are met with hushed whispers, and she soon finds herself alone in the empty halls, left to tidy and clean rooms no one visits.

As the feeling of being watched grows, she begins to realize there is something else in the house with them--some creature that stalks the frozen halls and claws at her door. A creature that seems intent on harming her.

When a fire leaves Anne trapped in the manor with its Master, she finally demands to know why. But as she forces the truth about what haunts the grounds from Lord Grey, she learns secrets she isn't prepared for. The creature is very real, and she's the only one who can help him stop it. 

Now, Anne must either risk her life for the young man she's grown to admire, or abandon her post while she still can. 

I received a copy of The Rose Master from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

The Rose Master by Valentina Cano is one of the best books I’ve ever randomly stumbled upon. I requested it off Netgalley for two reasons: one being that it has a beautiful cover and two being that - for some reason despite them generally making me roll my eyes - I am incredibly intrigued by the strange-girl-goes-to-strange-manor-to-work-for-strange-man stories. (Actually.. I think the only other story I’ve read of this nature is Ironskin by Tina Connolly and I was not a fan but this is not about that)

Anywho, The Rose Master is another book that has little to no setting change, of course, so it bores me a bit but the main character, Anne, is sort of delightful! I really connected with her, she is curious in a logical and calm manner instead of running head-first into things she doesn’t know anything about. She initiated her own actions and took caution when necessary. She listened to the people that were in her situation before her but explored and went where they wouldn’t. She felt fear but she pushed past it. If Anne hadn’t been so wonderfully written I don’t think I could’ve gotten through this story at all.

I do have some minor grievances - the romantic subplot was a bit rushed though expected. At the same time of yelling “Just kiss him!” I was also yelling at myself to shut up. I have to have my OTPs though and these two are strangely cute and I have a strong feeling that August (Lord Grey) appreciates Anne as much as I do.

Thoroughly, The Rose Master is a captivating, simple story filled with mystery, fear, romance and magic and I’d highly recommend it.

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

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