Friday, January 9, 2015

Blogging Through Thursday (on a Friday~): January 08

Booking Through Thursday is a book blog meme presented by BTT2 at Wordpress. They post a question about books every Thursday and you have the whole day to reply back!  Let's look at this week's question:
Do you ever weed out unwanted books from your library? And if so, what do you do with them?
Heather:  I actually do.  I used to kinda be against the idea because I wanted to keep all my books in case I wanted to reread them at a later date, but some I realized were just absolute duds to me.  I sell them to the local 2nd N Charles for store credit, so my used books get a nice new home and I can get other used books as well!  \o/

Kaniesha: Not really, though I have in the past. When I was younger people would gift me random books. I tried to make sure those went to Goodwill. A lot of my books now are in really good condition HC, so if I wanted to get rid of them, I'd give them to friends or sell them. I think I'd try to donate to the local libraries too!


  1. Oh man, I weed out books like crazy! Sometimes they are ones I've read and didn't like enough to keep, sometimes they are ones I bought cheap/used and then lost interest in, haha. I just don't really have enough room to keep a lot of books and prefer my bookshelves to really reflect my tastes. All my extras go straight to the public library though so I know they'll find good homes :D

    1. Speaking for myself, I don't get or buy enough books to need to weed them out! I normally only buy books I've already read and know I love because I haven't previously been able to afford many things. There are some ARCs I've won that I'd get rid of - the contemporary ones (just not my thing) - but I'd just put those up on tumblr or for trade or something. I've won some HCs I haven't read either, and if I didn't end up liking them I'd probably lend/give them to a friend like I said in the post. Overall though, I have a decently sized bookcase and only own 50-60 books so no need to weed things out quite yet!

  2. I do and I don't. It really depends on the book and I'm ashamed to say, how pretty the cover is. Even if the book was horrible, if I have some connection to it, like it was the book my former best friend gave me before I moved, I would keep it. And if it has a pretty cover... well who doesn't like trophies? But most of the books I decide to weed out go to book drives for kids who are less fortunate to read. And donation to the library. I don't know any place that would buy used books so...