Friday, May 1, 2015

Monthly Releases: May 2015

As of August 2014, Monthly Releases is a way for Heather and Kaniesha to spotlight their anticipated books for the upcoming month instead of the weekly Waiting on Wednesdays.


Woohoo! Three of my favorite authors are releasing new books this month. I am beyond ready for Crimson Bound. I'm convinced Rosamund Hodge is flawless. Now, I LOVE Sarah to tiny bits and pieces but from what I've seen of A Court of Thorns and Roses.. I'm not exactly intrigued. I tried reading the three chapter preview a few months ago and granted, I read it on a night where I was not at all happy but the writing style seems a lot different than what she usually does. We'll see, I guess! Kasie West and Susan Ee = will likely not disappoint. Tiffany Schmidt and Naomi Novik will be new authors for me but I DID get the arc of Uprooted on Netgalley so look forward to a review soon :D


*Many apologies for not having books last month. I thought I had one, but someone on GR mucked up the release date so I thought it came out THIS month. >_>* I greatly enjoyed Life After Life, so I'm really looking forward to A God in Ruins. And ofc, I'd read anything Libba Bray put out!

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