Monday, July 4, 2016

Heather Does: the Blogger Summer Reading Program!

Hello~  It is indeed me~  No time for that, there's a post to be made!

I'm a pretty avid reader of Reading With A Vengeance and saw that she and Bekka from Pretty Deadly Reviews are hosting a giveaway/challenge called the Blogger Summer Reading Program.  I debated entering, mostly because of how ... empty this blog has been the past year, but ultimately decided that I would indeed like to enter.  I feel like this will push me to practice better reading habits and get more reviewing done.

What is my goal?  To read at least one new (to me)* book per week.  "At least" because I believe I will be able to do more but if I can't, due to various life commitments or exercise routines, then I will not be so hard on myself.

That's it for this post!  Hopefully those of you reading will join in because I've never actually done a challenge like this and would love to see some familiar faces!  ^______^

*Edited to clarify my goal.  It would be difficult for me to get my hands on newly published books, so I'll be trying to make a dent in my to-read shelf.

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  1. I'm an avid reader of Reading With A Vengeance as well and heard about the challenge too. Really looking forward to it. Hope it all goes well.