Sunday, July 31, 2016

Heather Post: #BloggerSRP Results!

Time to review how this challenge went for me!

Once again, this challenge was hosted by Reading With A Vengeance and Bekka from Pretty Deadly Reviews.  My challenge for myself was to read at least one book from my to-read pile every week.  How did I do?

I was not entered the first week of July (which counted as  July 1-3 in the challenge), but I did read that week!
- Observatory Mansions
- Now Look What You've Done
- We Meet Again
- Sanitized for Your Protection

However, since I was not entered, I did not claim a ticket for that week.  ~shrugs~  I'm still proud of me for reading that week though!

Week two I completed three books!
- Clockwork Princess
- The House With A Clock In Its Walls
- The Unseen Guest

Week three saw the completion of three books and one magazine.
 - The Fuller Memorandum
- A Wrinkle In Time
- A Tale for the Time Being
- Apex Magazine Issue 83

And in week four (which is from the 18-31) I completed four books and one novella.
- Constable & Toop
- Carter & Lovecraft
- The Raven Boys
- Poison or Protect
- The Crown & the Arrow

I'm still reading Emma and Dead to the World, which have taken a bit of a back seat as I deal with some health problems.

So, I'm pretty proud of myself.  I might not have been able to finish the last two books in time for the end of the month, but, yeah, I did really well for the challenge I set for myself!  If you were participating, did you meet your goals?  I hope you did well and feel as good about your challenge as I do!

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  1. Well, you know the best part is that you have been able to read so many books in such a short time this is the benefit of taking part in challenges