Saturday, August 6, 2016

Monthly Releases: August 2016

As of August 2014, Monthly Releases is a way for Heather and Kaniesha to spotlight their anticipated books for the upcoming month instead of the weekly Waiting on Wednesdays.


Of the three, I'm definitely looking forward to The Beauty of Darkness the most! I haven't read the book previous to The Ghostly Echoes - I forget the title - wait! Beastly Bones! - but I do have the book on my bookcase somewhere. BUUUUUUUT I will have The Beauty of Darkness soon! I am so excited for it, holy heck.


You know me; I rarely have many releases.  Just my luck, these two are coming out on the same day!  I'm sad to see the end of the Demon Road trilogy, but Landy has just announced more Skulduggery Pleasant.  And I will absolutely be savoring The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner.