Review Request Policies

Thank you for checking out our policies page!
Heather and Kaniesha are both accepting review requests at this time, in February 2018.


  • In compliance with FTC regulations, we will not accept payment for any reviews we provide.
  • We accept requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • We both have regular responsibilities, so unless there is an agreed upon review "due date", we will finish your book and review it as quickly as we can. If you need a review done within a certain period of time, please let us know when contacting us.
  • We reserve the right to be honest in our reviews, our opinions will not be persuaded by any means or factors.
  • Accepting a book or an arc does not guarantee a review. We may be low on time or backlogged, or simply do not want to write a review on the book. Should this sort of situation arise, we will disclose these feelings and actions with whoever originally requested the review.

About Our Reviews

We will always do our best to write honest, well written, cohesive reviews. We do not typically enjoy writing negative reviews but we will do so if we feel it's necessary. As much as we want to spread our recommendations and love for books and authors, we also want to let people know when to avoid books.

Kaniesha will usually post her lengthy reviews here on Deux Lectrices and a shorter, concise version on Goodreads but will link to her review here, if people are interested in reading the fuller one.

We cross-post to our Facebook page and Twitter where the title and the name of the author are present.

Review Format

Our reviews normally will include:
  • The book's title and the name of the author
  • The name of the series the book is in or whether it is a stand alone
  • The book's original date of publication
  • The publisher
  • The genres and relevant popular user chosen tags from Goodreads
  • Our star rating out of five stars or whether the book was dropped or not finished
  • The link to the book on Goodreads and links to where the book can be purchased
  • The summary/description of the book from Goodreads
  • The cover
  • If we received the book from Netgalley, Edelweiss, or requested directly
  • Our review. We often discuss characters and both their characterization and development, the plot, the pacing, the writing style and anything else we feel was significant, whether any of these things are negative or positive

Heather's preferred genres:

  • Will just read anything so long as it appeals to her.
Here is the link to Heather's Goodreads favorites shelf, to get a better look at what she likes.

Kanieha's preferred genres and topics:

  • Young Adult
  • High Fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Fairytale Retellings
  • Contemporary
  • Dystopia
  • Mental illness
  • Fat/chubby protagonists
  • Will potentially accept: new adult, adult, middle grade, scifi
Here is the link to Kaniesha's Goodreads favorites shelf, to get a better look at what she likes.


We also take requests for:
  • Blog tours
  • Author interviews
  • Cover reveals
  • Guest posts
  • Other promotional events
As these mentioned above are not our priority (for now), we will be much more selective about participating.

Where to send requests

Please send all requests in the following format to deuxlectrices@live.com (mail:to link).
We are also available on twitter, @deuxlectrices.
If we do not respond to you within 3-4 weeks, we are very sorry but it is probably just not the right time for us, though we will do our best to reach out to everyone with either our acceptance or refusal in a timely manner.

Request Format

When sending us a request please include the following information regarding the book:
  • The title and author
  • The description
  • The publication date.
  • The time frame/date for when you'd like the review to be posted by, if applicable
  • A brief explanation why you think we'd be interested in this particular request
Thank you for reading our policies page! Please email or tweet us if there's any confusion, comments or questions :-)

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